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kids english camp event

Aina Kids Japan の紹介

Aina Kids Japanは、国際的な感性やマナー、グローバルなコミュニケーション能力を身につけるための英語教育を求める親子に、質の高い英語教育を提供しています。私たちは15年にわたり、国内外の幼稚園・保育園で英語教育を行ってきました。




Aina Kids Japan provides high quality English education to families who are looking for English that will equip them with international sensibilities, manners, and global communication. We have 15 years of experience teaching English in kindergartens and preschools in Japan and overseas. 

From 2013-2019 we were commissioned by both large and small English education companies in Japan to develop curriculum, train new English teachers, and lead pilot school development. We are very proud to have been able to contribute to English preschools through those organizations. Since the pandemic, Aina Kids Japan focuses on online speaking lessons and Kids English Parties which highlight child-led interaction and play-based themes.


Aina Kids Japan からのお約束





Aina Kids Japan promise:

Teachers will be loving and respectful to your child at all times.

Teachers will make sure that children are free to engage in different physical, social, intellectual activities of their own design. 

Teachers will keep parents informed about child participation.

Online lessons include daily journal phrases and homework.

English events include photo albums and commentary about activities.






Aina Kids Japan student only class requirements: 

Children who have been toilet trained (younger siblings okay).

Children who are familiar with group activities away from their parents.

Children from 3-8 years who have spent at least one year studying English.

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